Maryland/Tang GAA was formed in 1993, with the amalgamation at underage level of Maryland and Tang GAA clubs. Playing under the combined colours of maroon and blue, with a white trim, the club has had many successes since, providing a regular stream of players for Maryland and Tang at adult level, and a number of intercounty footballers for Westmeath.


1993: U-14 B Championship Winners, U-16 B Championship Winners

1994: U-12 A & B Championship Winners
1995: U-12 B Championship Runners-Up

1998: U-14 B Championship Winners
1999: U-12 B Championship Winners

2001: Minor B Championship Runners-Up
2002: U-14 B Championship Runners-Up

2004: U-14 Premier & Division 2 Championship Winners, Feile Runners-Up
2005: Minor Division 1 Championship Winners

2006: U-16 Division 1 League & Division 1 Championship Winners, Feile Runners-Up, U-14 Division 1 League & Championship Runners-Up
2007: U-16 Division 2 League Winners, U-14 Division 2 Championship Runners-Up

2008: Minor Division 1 Championship Winners
2009: Minor Division 1 League & Championship Winners, U-14 Division 2 Championship Winners

2010: U-14 Division 4 Championship Runners-Up
2011: U-14 Division 3 Shield Winners

2012: Minor Division 2 Championship Runners-Up
2017: U-16 Division 2 Championship Runners-Up

2018: Minor Division 1 Championship Runners-Up
2019: U-16 Division 2 Championship Winner

2020: U-13 Division 1 Shield Winners
2021: U-13 Division 3 Shield Winners

Note: Maryland/Tang have also won a number of club run tournaments at different age groups (e.g. Caulry Tournament at u-10), both inside and outside the county.


Maryland/Tang GAA have been involved in amalgamations with other teams in Westmeath & have the below list of achievements over the years:
Shannon Gaels: Minor Premier Championship Winners 1998, U-16 Premier Championship Winners 1998 & 2006
U-16 Premier Championship Runners-Up 2005 & 2010, U-17 Premier Championship Runners-Up 2013
St. Martins: U-17 Championship Winners 2019
Western Gaels: U-15 Division 2 Shield Runners-Up 2020